cupati (cupati) wrote,

Originalfic: Meeting Him

Completly suitable for all originalfic. 149 words.

I’d say it was a recurring dream, but it happens when I’m awake. I’m in town, and I spot him. At last. I go up to him, ask if he really is him. I tell him who I am, and he knows me, as I know he would. Then we go off for a drink, like he promised me he would.

And then I wake up. I’m just stood in town, he’s no-where to be seen, and he never was. I’m just stood near the cashpoints, because they’re the least random place to have random encounters – everyone needs money. Or I might be at some event, something I could see him going to. But he doesn’t go, of course.

If I really wanted to put some effort into this, I could. But some day, I’ll look up, and he’ll be there. And I’ll have a reason to be here.
Tags: originalfic
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