cupati (cupati) wrote,

Cupati’s Crack!Fic!Rec!List

I’ve been collecting Doctor Who and Torchwood crackfics for a while now, and I thought I ought to share what I’d found.

Doctor Who:

Smith Family Adventures in Space, by cavgirl – What could have happened after School Reunion, if SJS decided to go along? Rating: U Characters: Ten, SJS, Rose, Mickey

The Comedie of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark – by reina_isabella – A mysterious blue cuboid apparition is spooking people… Rating: G Characters: Ten, the cast of the first scene of Hamlet…

Once Upon A TARDIS – by casey_bee – A sweet little bedtime story, or at least an attempt at one… Rating: PG Characters: Doctor/Rose

Practically Perfect in Every Way – by randomdent – The trouble with dimensionally transcendent pockets. Rating: PG Characters: Ten, Rose


Torchwood: The Panto! - by moviegrrl – The title says it all. Rating: I don’t know, she never gave one, some non-work-safe language Characters: Gwen, Ianto, Owen, George Lucas Spoilers: Up to 1x04

Jack’s Solution - by laligin – Which is more annoying, Owen or Space Invaders? Rating: PG13 Characters: The whole team.

Torchwood Vs The Shopping Channel – by entangled_now – Have you ever watched Price Drop TV at 2am? Rating: 12 Characters: Jack/Ianto, the rest of the team. Other parts: 2 3

The Bat Report - by crystalshard – Fangirls laughing at ourselves. Rating: G Characters: None – inspired by Torchwood, rather than about it.

As people have noticed, most of these are pretty immature [in the sense that they aren't mature rated...].
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