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13th April 2008

11:50pm: Crime and Pompeii
I see that I've been really bad at updating here. Well, I've not had much to say. But here's some Doctor Who comments and musings (spoilers for both episodes of this series shown so far, and one of the Torchwood novels (if you can call them novels)).

Partners in CrimeCollapse )

The Fires of PompeiiCollapse )

Come back next week for comments, heckles and review of the next episode, the name of which I can't remember and I'm not wanting to get spoilered, so I'm not looking it up.

17th December 2007

11:03pm: Have a stunning Christmas!
I'm going home.

9th December 2007

2:53pm: To Torchwood fans...
...if you want 32 little torchwood fanfics, please nip over to writerinadrawer, a last-writer-standing torchwood comm. There's a bit of a tie in voting, and there's only 8 hours left.

Yes, I'm one of the writers. No, I'm giving you no hints.

This was a public service announcement on behalf of writerinadrawer. I now return you to your normal burbling.

2nd October 2007

10:45pm: What? Two posts in one evening?
Yep. Sorry for spamming your friends pages ;).

I'm testing out my CSS on my lj, so it may look weird for a few days.

18th September 2007

10:42am: On a pirate ship!
I know that some of you will be sick of seeing this, but please, please, please help support Marie Curie Cancer Care!


International Talk Like A Pirate Day has been commandeered in the UK by Marie Curie Cancer Care. And there's a charity single, just 79p, because every little helps.

[edited to remove my long-standing mistake, thanks]

10th July 2007

12:38pm: Just checking now...
Who else will be going and getting a certain book at midnight?

I finished #5 by 5.20am, including a 20 minute car journey on which it was too dark to read, so I'm aiming for something similar this time.

Not because I think it's going to be amazing. Not because I really need to know [I'd be perfectly happy waiting another year or five for it, in my own little world of speculation], but because I don't want to be told.

I really, really hate having spoilers foisted on me. And this is the sort of thing where there will be gits who wish to spoil it for everyone else.

I'll be so glad when it's over.

30th May 2007

7:39pm: I know I've been away for a few days...
...but I wish I hadn't been dragged back to this chaos. If you don't know what I mean, be happy - if you do, I hope it hasn't hurt. I'm not going to repeat all the links that have been gathered. I'm not going to offer advice. I'm a fan, and fandom has been hit hard, but I'm not that kind of fan. But I know many people who are, and I fear for you. I fear for all of us, because I don't know what LJ is going to crack down on next.

In other news: I haz a water pistol!

EDIT1: To cheer you up, if your fandom interest is frowned upon suddenly: Slash Amore! Not work safe, references quite a few fandoms.

8th May 2007

11:44am: Doctor Who fanfic: H. C. Word
Author: Me, cupati
Title: H. C. Word
Fandom: Doctor Who
Spoilers: The Christmas Invasion
Rating: Entirely suitable for all
Notes: Inspired by this post, slightly cracky, 118 words.

H. C. WordCollapse )

5th May 2007

11:46pm: Afterwards
Afterwards: Words_challenge drabble [exactly 100 words], suitable for all, originalfic.

AfterwardsCollapse )

1st May 2007

3:23pm: words_challenge entry: Essentials
Essentials: Only 82 words, but my longest vertically. Suitable for all.

EssentialsCollapse )

24th April 2007

12:00pm: Cupati’s Crack!Fic!Rec!List
I’ve been collecting Doctor Who and Torchwood crackfics for a while now, and I thought I ought to share what I’d found.

Doctor Who:Collapse )

Torchwood:Collapse )

As people have noticed, most of these are pretty immature [in the sense that they aren't mature rated...].

22nd April 2007

11:18am: Life By Chocolate - Originalfic
Life By Chocolate: Originalfic, words_challenge submission, 108 words, completly suitable for all.

Life By ChocolateCollapse )

20th April 2007

3:23pm: Again?
Cupati annoys the newsmonkies again! This time, due to a badly-planned survey:

1. In the last week, 630684 people have posted, according to the stats page. Your survey was taking just 1000 people, which sounds a lot, but is just 0.16% of people who have posted in the last week. I'm sure there are plenty of people who care about LJ, but don't post much.

2. By defining that you would take the first 1000 people, you have made the survey biased - you have only people that would normally be on at the time of the survey, so sleepy people from entire timezones [or people who work in other timezones] have been ignored.

Also: It is 49 days since the first My LJ links started dissapearing. I was informed at the time that this was because the home page was becoming more like mylj. Why did they remove the links more than one release ahead?

For their response, if any, see here.

Is it a coincidence that the new release and the return of the back button debarcle has happened on the same day? I doubt it, and I'm going to go ask that too. Edit: Here, in fact.
10:55am: Back button blues
I suppose it's a couple of months ago that I was moaning about that the back button making LJ perform an illegal operation. Well, today it's back, so I once again ask Internet Explorer peeps - is it happening to you?

18th April 2007

12:21pm: Leaving [a fic, not a promise].
Leaving: Another tiny originalfic, 107 words this time, suitable for all.

LeavingCollapse )
11:59am: Listening
Completly suitable-for-all originalfic and I know exactly what Bunny's going to say. 122 words.

Oh, and I'm back, by the way.

ListeningCollapse )

27th March 2007

11:55am: Originalfic: Meeting Him
Completly suitable for all originalfic. 149 words.

Meeting HimCollapse )

23rd March 2007

12:46pm: Usually I resort to public computers when fire alarms go off...
...but today, as I was just going into the Library to come on here, the fire alarm went off. So I hovered outside in the freezing - there's no-where else I want to go in town - whilst everyone else was escorted out.

It really is very cold today.

21st March 2007

1:30pm: Not the end of the world: words_challenge originalfic
A bit depressing, but what do you expect from that prompt and the current me?

SmileCollapse )

14th March 2007

5:01pm: There was a rabbit sat outside my window.
It was next to some daffodills. I think it must have thought it was on an easter card or something.

13th March 2007

11:15pm: Originalfic: Someone Else's Party
I know this is totally the wrong time of year for this fic, but it was the right time of year for the prompt. Completly and utterly harmless, and I don't know who wrote the lyric that is the first line and I can't find it online anywhere. 149 words.

Someone Else's PartyCollapse )

9th March 2007

1:51pm: On behalf of Eevee and myself, I would like to ask...
...does anyone know how to work Gmail? It's different from any other email holding pen we've come across, so we don't know if we've done stuff wrong.

5th March 2007

Nothing else needs saying, really.
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