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4 March
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I am Cupati, a tea-inspired space cafe owner. Sort of. I'm also a student, who spends much of my free time going to various societies with the same people in them, as does everyone else. I write both fan and original fiction, mostly around drabble size, and make icons. I'm located in a place I refer to as UKvia, surrounded by ducks. This journal is mostly filled at the moment with things I find it hard to put into words. There should be more fannish stuff now Doctor Who's come back, but there doesn't seem to be.

Beware of my internal dialogues!

Favourite definition of the moment: Gaffer Tape - Like the force. Dark on one side, light on the other and binds the universe together.

I used to have some contest-winning banners here, but I think they're better off here instead.

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